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Golf in Emilia Romagna

by robert2021

The Region, an important destination for Italian golf, takes its name from the Via Emilia, the ancient Roman road that connects the great Po Valley of Northern Italy to the Adriatic Sea, and from the part of the territory closest to the Adriatic, which was considered precisely ‘Land of the Romans’.

A Region nestled between the Apennine mountain range, the Po river and the Adriatic Sea, which has preserved intact over time a rich heritage of traditions, customs and history.
Emilia-Romagna is one of the greenest regions in Italy. Starting from the parks and woods of the Apennines, its natural areas extend to include the pine forests of the coast, in a succession of different landscapes and colors.

Along the Roads of Wines and Flavors, food and wine lovers will find over a thousand stops between farms, wineries, dairies, ham factories, farmhouses and craft shops with DOP / IGP products known all over the world. The capital, the city of Bologna rich in history and art.


Qui risiedono grandi case automobilistiche e motociclistiche – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, Maserati tra le altre – e autodromi di fama internazionale.
But Emilia-Romagna is also sea and fun, with great attention to the well-being of the body and physical activity.


With over 100 km of beaches full of hotels, restaurants, discos, cinemas, theaters, it is considered the Italian Riviera, and its theme, water and marine parks offer all-round fun.
Emilia-Romagna offers everything you need for a golfing holiday with courses suitable for all levels of play.

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