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Golf in Italy

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The ingredients for the success of Italy as a coveted and prestigious golf destination there are all.
The relatively assisted number of assidui practitioners golfers per field allows first of all to the tourists visiting to find the availability of the tees time even in the most prestigious golf clubs.

Italy with its 385 national golf clubs, of which 104 with a tourist vocation, is considered the ideal golf destination for a golfer eager to socialize but at the same time increasingly looking for experiences linked to the discovery of the surrounding area, in close contact with The natural and artistic beauties that the country offers.


Most of the most important fields are also within easy reach of each other. For example, around great cities like Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice, as well as in Sicily and in various other regions that are also very different, able to respond to the most varied vacation needs. This is a great advantage for global golf tourism, as lovers greatly appreciate the fact of being able to play in multiple high-level fields within a reasonable range from the hotel or the resort where they stay.

If this were not enough, the most popular Italian golfers are certainly not lacking the high-tuned signatures of the great architects, item greatly appreciated by international golfers: from Robert Trent Jones to Jack Nicklaus, from Gary Player to Arnold Palmer and Peter Harradine.

Geographically, Italy is a Southern European Peninsula delimited north by the Alpi mountain range and for the rest of the territory from the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, which is divided into the Ligurian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Ionian Sea and Adriatic Sea. Inside it is crossed by the mountain range of the Apennines. It also includes many islands, including the two largest in the Mediterranean: Sicily and Sardinia.


In the Alpine chain there are the highest peaks in Europe, such as Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa and Monte Cervino. In the eastern Alps there are the splendid Dolomites, famous for their forms created by the limestone rocks. The Alps descend very gradually towards the Po Valley, opening up a fan towards the Prealps and forming ample hilly areas, very common even in the Apennines area that divide the so-called “boot” – the classic geographical form that identifies the peninsula – practically two in two from the west and east.


The largest lake is Lake Garda, follow Lake Maggiore and Lake Como, all located in northern Italy, but many are the famous lacertri areas for the beauty of their nature and their landscapes. The presence of mountains, hills, plains, lakes and coastal areas determines in Italy a considerable variety of climates and natural environments due to its geographical conformation, to which the territorial extension from north to south also contributes.

Italy is certainly the most desired country from tourists from all over the world.
Between cities of art, historic villages, small municipalities and spectacular landscapes, Italy is a real treasure chest of treasures: from its wonderful beauties to a perfect mix of art, traditions, fairy tale spaces and an equal food and wine offer in the world .
To entice tourists to visit the “Bel Paese” are in particular the numerous Italian art cities present on the territory, such as Rome, Florence and Venice, only to make illustrious examples, which preserve unique history and culture assets in the world, beyond At numerous golf courses in the surrounding area, as already stressed.


Italy is also made up of a myriad of small municipalities and villages immersed in the most pristine nature, often dating back to the age of the ancient Romans and the Middle Ages, between valleys that have contributed to developing a new way of doing tourism, to the discovery of reality Far from the traditional most crowded destinations: so you can admire the originality of places rich in history that enclose the true cultural heritage of the country.

The choice of international travelers is increasingly oriented towards models that aim to enhance relationships during the stay and make dynamics of collective leisure prevail, no longer individualistic. The practice of golf fully returns to this new holiday conception as it allows you to share an experience with travel companions that can enhance interpersonal relationships for a full realization of itself.


The aspect that most characterizes the Italian golf tourism offer is the possibility of approaching sports activity a high-level reception and hospitality system combined with the variety of the artistic, cultural and enogastronomic offer of our peninsula.

Italy is ready to host the next IGTM 2022 (International Golf Travel Market), the most important promotion event of golf tourism, as well as the 2023 edition of the Ryder Cup in Rome: two events that will contribute to the positioning of Italy At the top of the international tourist scenario confirming the ever-increasing attention of the beautiful country towards golf.

Travel golfers are looking for great sports experiences, high-level welcome and places with unique charm: and just speaking of hospitality, Italy boasts splendid and exclusive golf resorts capable of attracting an international audience.
In anticipation of the arrival of players and thousands of enthusiasts for the Ryder Cup in Rome, the environmental defense factor becomes a priority today, with different programs in place aimed at guaranteeing a low impact on the environment and a correct maintenance of the golf courses .

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