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Golf in Piedmont

by robert2021

Located at the foot of the Alps mountain range, the largest and most impressive in Europe, Piedmont borders France and Switzerland and is located in the north-western part of the country and is a perfect setting for golf courses. To the south, it is bordered by the Apennines while the Po Valley rises to the east.

On the border with Lombardy, there is Lake Maggiore, the second largest in Italy and a well-known destination for cosmopolitan tourism, while the longest Italian river originates from the Monviso mountain range: the Po.

The Piedmont area is mainly mountainous but the flat and hilly areas are also very extensive. This is why this region is able to offer always different panoramas in which to live multiple experiences.
The capital of Piedmont, Turin, is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and keeps endless traces of art and history: for centuries, in fact, the Savoy family reigned here and in 1861 it was proclaimed the capital of the first Kingdom of Italy.


The Automobile Museum of Turin is dedicated to the main industrial activity of the city, while the famous Mole Antonelliana and the Egyptian Museum, which exhibits archaeological and anthropological collections, attract visitors from all over the world. The historic cafes of the city also offer numerous examples of Baroque architecture.

The Piedmontese economy is well developed economically in many sectors, especially industrial. The gastronomic offer is also of great value, thanks to the numerous and precious local food products, such as meats, truffles, cheeses, fruit, vegetables and chocolate.

The pride of Piedmont are then the wine-growing areas of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato: these are areas of production of wines of international excellence and quality such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera and Asti Spumante, made thanks to a unique heritage of knowledge of the territory and of the vines cultivated in these lands for centuries.


Piedmont is rightly considered a small paradise by golf enthusiasts. The numerous fields available have different characteristics able to satisfy every type of player, from the professional to the beginner. The Piedmontese courses have for years been at the top of the rankings both for the technical values ​​required and for the beauty of the views to be admired between one hole and another.

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